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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 5, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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he came into this game and laid an egg early, it would open up the door for cooper bateman. that's how much pressure there was for him to perform, as a guy that's been sitting around for the last three, four years and he stepped up and delivered with that pressure on. >> chris: cassidy with the ford wrapup after the game. so, if you're alabama fan, you feel a whole lot better, perhaps, about the quarterback position than you felt four hours ago. alabama coaching staff, for that matter. >> kirk: yep. >> chris: harris. hit in the backfield. immediate penetration by vince biegel. the man of many hair styles. carves that w in the side of his head. he said he's going to try something different every week here to keep the teammates entertained. >> kirk: he's part of the personality of their defense.
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you know, biegel is the personality we talked about schobert who is an outstanding outside linebacker on the other si side. kind of a little bit more low key, but my man can throw it down when it's a slam dunk contest. >> chris: that was crazy. harris. again. chased in the backfield. >> kirk: this is -- football team has a slam dunk contest and outside linebacker said, hey, i can handle this. >> chris: i love the reaction from the team. let's say they maybe didn't expect to see that from joe? fair to say? >> kirk: how many outside linebackers can do that? >> chris: not that many guys in college basketball can do that. >> kirk: that was pretty. 6'2". >> chris: he's only 6'2", yeah. he's got to get 236 pounds in the air to do that, too. well, we talked about "college
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gameday" location and that big game, oregon/michigan state, top ten battle on abc in east lansing. notre dame with some momentum off this performance, goes on the road against virginia. what do you make of the oklahoma/tennessee game. you like both of those teams. >> kirk: i do. didn't surprise me to see tennessee early have struggling with bowling green. oklahoma, we'll see. that game is, i think, pivotal -- pivotal for both teams, though it's a nonconference team. >> chris: bama fans are going to be watching that lsu/mississippi state game. >> kirk: both teamss hovers in the top five. we enjoyed that game a year ago, watching that one when michigan state was playing well out at eugene early. >> chris: harris again. picks his way for a short gain. wisconsin defense still scrapping and fighting. the starters are still out there.
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>> kirk: you have to. we talked about, you're evaluating constantly. week one. i don't care how good your week one is or how bad your week one is, it's week one. and you've got to be able to get ready for week two and beyond. and you learn a lot about how your team handles adversary. that's really what makes a team become special is when they get punched in the mouth and they come through it. you grow together as teammates and coaches when you go through some tough times and you don't give up. we don't have preseason football in college football. >> chris: scott with the punt and erickson fighting hard to get to the corner. mention eed at the top that at& stadium will be the site of the goodyear cotton bowl, which is one of the semifinal games. the other one is the orange bowl. we don't know the times yet. that will depend on the match-ups. but the focus here in arlington
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and in miami, on new year's eve and then glendale, arizona, for the national championship game on january 11th. >> kirk: we don't know the times, we don't know which one's first -- >> chris: that's what i mean. >> kirk: which one's first and second. so used to the orange bowl, watching that one late at night. >> chris: so, stave with 1:11 to go. finds erickson again. that's been a good combination. they used the backs exclusively early and then got erickson involved. >> kirk: here's an example of maybe somebody sitting at home and saying, the game's over, you know, what are they doing? they're down 35-17. it's not about trying to score and make the score look for respectable. it's really more about, okay, we're playing alabama's defense. we have a chance to work our one-minute offense here to try to get down the field against a really good defense. let's -- instead of just killing
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the clock, let's work. >> chris: their fire down field and there's the first turnover of the night. and eddie jackson is off and running. knocked down at the 20 and a flag comes in very late. another one as the safety converted cornerback creates the first turnover of the evening. stave just throwing it into traffic in desperation. >> referee: after the interception, illegal block in the back, number 21 of the intercepting team. ten-yard penalty from the spot of the spot. first down, alabama. >> kirk: playing man-to-man underneath, chris, but both the safeties, smith and jackson, who ends up making the interception, off to the right, they are just going to sit back and read the quarterback's eyes, playing center field. the ball is overthrown. it sailed a bit, and right into the hands of eddie jackson. >> chris: team that was 11th in the conference was only 11
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interceptions gets their first of the season. now we're going to get a look at the third quarterback this evening, it's number 11, alex morris. the junior from allen, texas. so, they give the texas native a few snaps here in the final minute in his home state. harris is knocked down. that's a nice gesture. he was in there competing. in fact, many people thought that alex morris might actually win the starting job, ended up running third in the competition. but he gets back to his home state and he can say he got in the game. >> kirk: he did. they started with five, they worked their way down to three and eventually down to two, but alex morris was -- he was battling. he really was. he didn't do anything to hurt himself at all throughout camp. i think at the end of the day, the other two may have a little bit higher ceilings with their physical abilities. >> chris: they said this was a solid guy, really avoided bad
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plays, which is not easy against alabama's top defense in practice. harris shows a burst and gets down near the 25. that will do it. so, alabama busts open a close game at halftime, and overpowers wisconsin with the running game. corey clement really limited, only had 16 yards rushing and left the game with an injury which we hope isn't serious. that would be a big concern. and alabama answers some questions at quarterback and gets a big game from derrick henry. let's go to heather with nick saban. >> heather: chris, thank you so much. coach, what kind of tone does this win set for the season? >> well, you know, i think that, in a game like this, you know, you are always going to go back and say, where are we? where do we need to improve, what are the things we did well, what are the things we need to do better and there are certainly a lot of things we can
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do better in the game. it was a great win for us. wisconsin's got a good team. i'm really happy with the way our guys competed. i thought we played really well in the second half. >> heather: coach, a big question mark throughout fall camp was your quarterback situation. you said you needed to see game evidence. what is your takeaway now? >> i thought jake played well. cooper probably didn't have the same opportunities, but really pleased with the way jake played. he made good choices and decisions out there, and, you know, hopefully he'll only get better. >> heather: what are your thoughts on a two-quarterback approach moving forward? >> i don't have any right now. >> heather: and your defense certainly stepped up, especially in the second half. how did you basically render wisconsin's running game useless? >> well, you know, our guys did a good job up front controlling the line of scrimmage. you know, we made some halftime adjustments on the back coming out. kind of took that away and batted some balls down and put some pressure on the quarterback, so, i was pleased with the way we played until we put the second team in. i didn't think they competed very well. >> heather: coach, thank you
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satisfied. i love it. thanks, coach. >> chris: there is corey clement, who was really limited. wisconsin not going to success very often, kirk, when they have 40 yards net rushing and 25 came from a receiver on one play. next test for the tide after a middle tennessee state game is going to be home game against ole miss. >> kirk: after last year, what a setting that will be in tuscaloosa, with ole miss and off to a really good start today. nick saban just kind of summed it up. he's got to be pleased. he'll look at the film and a lot of areas where he's going to be pleased. especially with the way the offense was going to step up. defense shutting down a wisconsin team, i think as the year goes on, you'll see this team put some things together, but that was a great, great start for alabama in a neutral site football game. >> chris: play to your strength. alabama begins what they hope will be a playoff campaign with a nice statement.
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35-17 is the final. 8:00 on abc, kirk and rece davis will be in east lansing, as oregon battles michigan state in primetime. interesting big ten pac-12 clash. time now for the ford wrapup show and back to cassidy hubb d hubbard. >> thanks, chris. welcome to the ford wrapup. on the first college football saturday, all teams experience ups and downs, but byu had a thrilling win and devastating loss all in one game. on the road, taking on nebraska. fourth quarter, one second on the clock. the hail mary to mitch matthews. what a play. it would be reviewed and as you see, matthews falls into the end zone. the ball crosses the plane. however, byu loses quarterback taysom hill for the season with a foot injury. but they can celebrate this 33-28 win with a little crowd surfing in the locker room. how about number 21 stanford
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taking on northwestern? fourth quarter, nu up 16-6. kevin hogan. picked off by kyle camp. gets it. game-sealing int. northwestern wins it 16-6. number 15 arizona state,/texas a&m. aggies up 7-0. christian kirk returns it 79 yards to the house. texas a&m beating a top 15 team in their season opener for the second straight year, 38-17, the final there. penn state and temple. the owls looking for their first win over penn state since 1941. jahad thomas, a beast today. 1935 yards rushing. two tds. temple scores 27 unanswered to upset penn state, 27-10. number 11 notre dame hosting texas. malik zaire put on a show. 66-yard td pass to will fuller.
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zaire, 19 of 22, 310 yards, three tds. notre dame hands texas its second-largest season-opening loss in school history. guy that used to be at notre dame, everett golson with number ten florida state taking on texas tech. texas state, rather. hands it off to dalvin cook. 28 yards to the house. right now, florida state up 42-10 in the fourth. 13th ranked ucla hosting virginia. josh rosen, the bruins first ever true freshman quarterback to start the season opener. looked real comfort nbl his debut. 351 yards, 28 completions, three tds. another qb debut, vernon adams. taking on his former team. finds braylon addison for his first passing touchdown. adams, two tds, 246 yards but left the game on a late hit. usc taking on arkansas state. cody kessler finds smit smith-schuster, putting usc up
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7-0. stands right now, same score with about three to go in the first. louisville taking on number six auburn. new auburn defensive coordinator will muschamp got some big plays from his "d." justin garrett with the fumble recovery. runs it back 84 yards for the touchdown. auburn goes on to beat louisville, handing bobby petrino his first ever loss in a season opener. as we look at notes, specifically in the s.e.c. nick chubb, two tds for georgia before the game was called due to lightning. tennessee scored 59 against bowling green. ole miss scores its most points since 1935 and brandonale allen four touchdown passes for arkansas. that's it for us. see you next week.
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all right the long labor day weekend kicked off with a huge party on the parkway. the made in america festivities started this afternoon and a day turned to night and the party showed no signs of letting up. for those that craved quiet end to the summer vacation season, the shore was the place to be. saturday night, i'm walter perez, the big story on "action news" is a great start to the labor day weekend and unofficial end of summer. that's not getting folks down from the shore to the backyard barbeques and ben fank lynn parkway people are celebrating a big way. jeff chirico begins our coverage in the made in america festivities. >> 70,000 people expected to attend each day of this two day festival head lined by beyonce and there were other acts to entertain the crowds. mu ache bands harking parkway and sea people night one made in america festival. >> we're celebrateing. my birthday we came down here 9, wanted to spend it here with
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you guys in philly brotherly love, plan is it's awesome ! >> damont got the crowd pum pumping at night. earlier in the day hip-hop band dela soul got people on their feet. >> they have old acts like back in 80s and '90s and people my age are not exposed to. it's super dope. ♪ >> nick jonas also performed singing his hit chains with a thousand and other people. >> i can't beat this day. beautiful weather. perfect scenery and so many people from all over the states and country. >> organized by rapper jay-z. it's his wife that brought these lady from washington d.c. >> beyonce clearly.
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>> well, obviously want to see beyonce. >> why? >> because she's freaking hot and amazing. >> the made in america music festival becoming a philadelphia tradition. >> so many people and cultures together it's awesome. >> a spokesperson for philadelphia police it has been quiet and no major incidents here and full schedule of musical acts begin sunday afternoon just after 1. jeff chirico, "channel 6 action news." >> meanwhile thousands of other people are closing out the summer season down at the jersey shore. "action news" reporter trish hartman was among them and has more from sea isle city. >> it's a busy night in sea isle city and lots of people are out and about and after soaking up a day of sun they're enjoying the night life to this unevil end to summer♪ >> big sounds of the band big romeo filled aisles downtown
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and beachgoers boogying away the labor day weekend. free concerts are a regular treat for 10-year-old mckay la gunning and her mom. >> i enjoy this summer fun. >> weather has been great and it's sad for it to end but we had incredible summer. >> around the corner crowds waited patiently for a super scoop from yum yum ice creamch the owner says it's been a great season coming to close on september 20. this is their last horrah. >> it's busy and fun. >> fran waipted in line 20 minutes for two sdoopz share with chloe. >> do you always share with your sgloing if i don't she'll be mad. we can not have that. >> earlier in the day stone harbor beach patrol kept swimmers close to shore with rip current and urged swimmers to listen to lifeguards. >> make sure you go swimming when a lifeguard is on duty. check with your town and only
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go in when they're still there. >> for those of you headed to the beach tomorrow beach patrol officials are hoping for calmer day but it could be dangerous. heed warnings of lifeguards if you are headed to ocean. in sea isle city, trish hartman, "channel 6 action news." >> even though some people say this is summer's last gasp it feels like summer. cool out there right now. but ut heat will make a come back. meteorologist mole melissa magee is live at the big board with a first check of accuweather forecasting. >> walter off to a good start for first day of our holiday weekend. highs today across the region were in the 80s. right now it's cool. easterly wind 69 in philadelphia. 61 up in poconos along the coast in cape may coming in 69, 69 as well in lancaster and you look at wind speed calm across the region sustained to 3 miles an hour in philadelphia and two as high as 7 miles an hour in dover and look at wind particl particles and stiff northerly or northeasterly come bone
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tonight wind and drying out the atmosphere and lowering humidity as well. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you we have high pressure over new england and winds around the high are klorkwise and return to the flow of air suppresses moisture and cloud cover well away from the region. dry, low humidity for the rest of day and for that matter second half of weekend. so whether you are in city, shore, poconos tomorrow. we have the covered. sunny and warm in philadelphia, high up to 86. 80 at the shore tomorrow and sunny and warm and up north in the poconos high of 79. and the heat walter will return and we're also looking at another run at another heat wave. we'll talk about those details in the accuweather 7-day. >> summer is not over yet. >> no it is not. >> we invite to you make 6ab weather part of your holiday weekend. stormtracker 6 radar and live 6 cameras give you realtime update on what is to come. other news tonight a police officer from tinicum township is recovering after
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being stabbed in south philadelphia. he was stabbed 8:30 in the parking lot holiday inn packer avenue and the officer was type penn presbyterian wlopt he remains stable condition. an arrest has been made and there's no word on the suspec suspect's identity or possible motive. >> "action news" viewer captured images of this fire as it tore through three town homes in chesterfield county. armstrong lane at 4:00 this afternoon. it went to two alarms before crews got the upper hand. no word tonight how it started and the red cross is at the the scene helping three families who were displaced. and no injuries were reported. and a rescue tonight on the delaware river, a person had to be pulled from the water after their kayak flipped, 00 near north delaware avenue in philadelphia's torresdale section. earlier this week you may remember a man and woman were rescued from the same area as well. hundreds of people showed up on voorhees this evening to remember a teenager who passed way in her sleep. they gathered at deangelo field
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a place where 14-year-old carol lamanawitz spent a lot of time she was member of girl's high school and lacrosse teams. her friends had a sleep-over last night and this morning she was found unresponsive. investigators say there's no sign of foul play, drugs, or alcohol. she would have been a freshman starting tuesday. >> a police k-9 critically injured and experts at penn vet by his side. the dog, whose name is kotdy was checking out a possible burglary in reading and slipped from a catwalk and fell 0 feet to the ground. "action news" reporter annie mccormick picks up the story from there. >> and the k-9 code jury here in the unit in stable condition. he was brought by helicopter thanks to a police program for rescue dogs and animals injured in the line of duty. >> he fell off the ledge and had traumatic injuries on the way down.
11:56 pm
>> the condition of the reading police department's 3-year-old belgium dog kody it was during a call last night to check out southwest middle school when kody fell 10 to 15 week on a catwalk. he suffered one laceration. >> he is cautionly optimistic. his handler is up there now he's happy the handler is there he's perked up with us. >> veterinarians and the handler grew concerned when he became large ar gik. the helicopter got kody from a nearby parking lot. >> he got her quickly. >> cindy heads the penn vet working center. at the with the hospital of the university of pennsylvania and u penn police she helps injured police and rescue dogs to penn trauma certainty. it happened after diablo was snot 2009 delaware. friday night is first time they
11:57 pm
nut plan to action. after landing on hup helipad u penn got him to the emergency room. kody is not out of the woods yet but minutes saved in transport could save his life. >> making us a level one critical center is critical. >> kody's handler has been by his side the whole day and we reached out to him and he had no comments. annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." a surprise homecoming party for a local marine was almost ruined by the warwick county fire company came to the rescue twice. the driver family is singing praises. family and friends were prepar prepareing a feast for daniel's arrival when a fire broke out in the oven. the fire department came out and doused flames and then when they found out about the party, they sprung into action again. >> we pulled our resources and money and made a couple pans of sdeety and few other things and went down and delivered it to
11:58 pm
the family. >> it was overcome by their again rossty and the outpouring of love and it was a great day after all. i just can't thank them enough. >> i want to say thank you to the fire department for doing all that it was nice of you guys and awesome. >> how about that? driver just returned home from boot camp paris island. he had no idea his family was planning a party. much more to come on "action news." the long road to freedom. tens of thousands of refugees stream into europe with the hope of fineing a better life. we'll have the latest on their journey and a frantic effort to rescue a rare blue whale from a fishing net. what crews are doing to keep track of the giant mammal and the clock strikes midnight on tebow time in philadelphia. jeff skversky has sports tebow time in philadelphia. jeff skversky has sports "action news" comes right back
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>> thousands of syrian refugees crossed hungarian border earlier today. they are trying to flee the fighting in syria and hopefully start a new life and many others were welcomed it in austria and germany is expecting 10,000 my grants top arrive over the next two days and arab nations of persian persian gulf are criticized for resettling a small number of syrian refugee. >> approximately 200 people rallied in support of country clerk in kentucky that refused to issue marriage licenses to
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same sex couples. a judge found her in contempt of court. issuing licenses conflict with her religious please and davi davis's attorney says she has no intention of resigning. yesterday a deputy clerk in the county began issuing marriage licenses to same sex couple. >> well, father of 7 was shot to death and nearly four months later no one has been arrested and tonight his family is reaching out you for help. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighter's report. >> george's voice catches when he talks about his late son jahad hudson. >> he enjoyed being around his kids a lot. >> wednesday, may 27, father of 7 went to a local bar in camde camden. >> that night, he left our house and he went to the bar. i don't know what happened at the bar. from the bar, to maybe ten
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minutes he gets shot. >> hudson was able to make it to a friend's house 8 and jefferson where they called for help 12:20 a.m. hudson was taken to the hospital where later pronounced dead. we need members of the community come forward and help us and say they're not going to stand for this. >> a 1,000 reward is offered for arrest and conviction of the person responsible. all you have to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymou anonymous. >> when she that that bullet right there they took a part of you know, a lot of people. >> holdingsworth says he stays strong for his grandchildren. >> i'm putting back the pieces and that's most important because i believe he would want us to put back the pieces. and take okay of his kids. >> for "crime fighters" i'm and take okay of his kids. >> for "crime fighters" i'm rick williams, "channel 6
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